PrettyToys (34) 2016

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Dolls. Details 
Dolls by Rostislav Mironov «Mechanical Galvanic Gendarme (MGG).» 

dolls. amazing talent 
Doll World «Anthrogon» by Zlata Schimanski 

dolls. Gallery 
Sergey Drozdov Gallery 

dolls. enthusiastic people 
DOLL-MANIA by Natalia Kovaliova 

dolls. mini babies 
Awakening a desire by Brenda Scott 

dolls. Wonderful 
Create to create by Candace Taylor 

dolls. baby dolls 
My Baby Dolls by Jane Lucas 

dolls. doll artist 
Heliantas by Cecile Boiron 

dolls. art doll artist 
A journey, a passion for art by Esther Manso 

dolls. doll artist 
Window of the Soul Window by Leigh Jordan 

dolls. Gallery 
Beautiful Dolls by Linda Ehrenfried 

dolls. Gallery 
In love with the art of dolls by Lisa Wroblewski 

dolls. doll artist 
Magical Dolls by Lori Anderson 

dolls. Interview 
Stories coming alive… by Konstantin Kovalchuk 

dolls. baby doll artist 
Taking my Breath Away by Maisa Said 

dolls. new artist 
New in the Dolly World by Noemi Roarks 

dolls. doll sculptor 
Beautiful Dolls by Margaret McChesney 

dolls. doll artist From an Officer to an Artist by Patricia Davis 

dolls. doll artist 
From a Clump of Clayby Petra Smith 

dolls. doll artist 
Special place in the house by Evgenia Oniskevich 

dolls. Gallery 
«Silent Souls» by Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun 

dolls. Gallery 
Angels by Noemi R. Smith 

dolls. Interview 
Do, try, fail & try again! by Eponyme Einnie 

bears. beautiful creations 
Be it Fabric or Fur, Endless Possibilites! by Irina Onatskaya 

bears. Interview 
TSminibears. Interview with creator of miniature bears Tatiana Skalozub. 

bears. bear artist 
Tiny Cosy Babies by Tereza Trukhanovich 

bears. master class 
Baloo the Bear Cub by Svetlana Gumennikova 

toys. Pattern 
Dipper, glove-doll, children cartoon character by Tatiana Brazhenkova 

toys. master-class 
Fox cub by Olga Zhuravleva
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