PrettyToys 1(33) 2016

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Gallery Laura Scattolini’s newest 

creation dolls. 
exclusive interview Ten Ping by Ruby Red Galleria Interview by Roxanna Maria
Gallery Marvelous Fun Stuff by Ankie Daanen 

dolls. master class 
Mini primitive rag dolls by Mayra Garza 

dolls. Details 
Dolls by Rostislav Mironov «Fiodor Ioganovich Kurtsgarlener» 

dolls. personal history 
Living dolls by doll salon Einem by Julia Solntse 

"Super!Cover" Contest Results. 

 dolls. bjd artist 
Vasilisa’s dolls 

dolls. personal history 
«We want to see the whole world!» by Natalia Ollezok 

bears. Gallery 
"I remember! I am proud!" by Larisa Perelygina 

toys. master class 
Baby Owl by Olga Zhuravleva 

toys. Pattern 
Marmoset hand puppet doll by Tatiana Brazhenkova
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