PrettyToys (31) 2015

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DOLL Who is Pretty Toys magazine? /details/ «Underwater racer Karp Barabulkin on an underwater racing boat» by Rostislav Mironov /exquisiteness/ The Captivating Dolls of Helena Oplakanska /special guest/ The Extraordinary Mini World of Sun Joo Lee by Mayra Garza /dolls with feelings and emotions/ Enchanted Forest by Laura Scattolini /sophistication/ New Art Dolls by Elisa Gallea /tenderness/ New Tiny Dolls by Linda Macario /whismical creations/ Whimsical and Nostalgic Creations by Deborah Bowe /doll artist/ Beautiful Porcelain Dolls by Fiorenza Biancheri A Gallery of Amazing Artists Ankie Daanen's Wonderful Porcelain Dolls Jack Johnston Diane Keeler Pat Moulton Beverly Stoehr Kellie Beckett Joy Calhoon Judy Porter Natalie Ruiz Lori Platt Noemi Smith AbN Original BJD by Angels by Noemi /events/ Doll summer in Preili /gallery/ Hildegard Gunzel: The bliss of harmony 2015 Porcelain Collection /doll artist/ «For 3 years I was "sick"with dolls» by Irina Sazanovich BEARS /mini-toys/ Svetlana Gumennikova: My new collection /bear artist/ Charming Bears and Bunnies by Elina Oplakanska TOYS /ingenious and easy/ «Dragonfly» by Fidelina Dolls with Heart /master-class/ Smeshinka (Laughy) the Baboon by Tatiana Brazhenkova /master-class/ «Penguin» by Olga Zhuravleva

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