PrettyToys 2(46) 2018

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Dolls. Details

Princess Leia doll by Hajnalka Mayor OOAK BJD


Dolls. Amazing Perfection

Laura Scattolini’s new dolls


Dolls. Featured Artist

Beverly Stoehr Beautiful Dolls


Dolls. Doll Artist

Mulberry Fairies by Melinda Wood


Dolls. The Latin Quarter


Dolls. Details

Mechanical Galvanic Riding Mechanism (MGRM) «Harvester» by Rostislav Mironov


Dolls. Amazing Perfection

From Silks, to Felt, To Clay by Nika Radyuk

Dolls. Amazing

Self Expression Through Art by Ineke Marinussen



Hippo by Olga Zhuravleva


Toys. master class

Little Batman by Tatiana Brazhenkova

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