PrettyToys 1(45) 2018

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Dolls. New collection

Sergei Drozdov presents his new collection!


Dolls. New artist

“Workshop “Reed””


Dolls. Details

Mechanical Galvanic Male-Stomper (MGS-12С) by Rostislav Mironov


Dolls. The Latin Quarter

Patty Rowe: What is behind the smile of an original doll?


Dolls. Awesome Talent

Victoria Mock Figures


Dolls. Exquisite creations

Unique Personalities by Sasha Luneva


Dolls. Artist Profile

The Amazing Art Dolls of

Vladlena Mihailova


Bears. Poem

Happiness by Natalia Kovaleva, poem by Irina Poleschenkova


Toys. Master-class

Cocker Spaniel Spanny by Tatyana Brazhenkova



The Fox in Love by Olga Zhuravleva

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