PrettyToys 5(43) 2017

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Dolls. Gallery

Ankie Daanen Artistic Dolls


Dolls. Migratory Dreamery

The Wonderful Stories of A Book, A Pen & A Doll by Burcu Temiz, Migratory Dreamery


Dolls. Biography

Creative Freedom by Hajnalka Mayor


Dolls. Easy Image

The children of the wind

by Katya Minakova


Dolls. Reborn Artist

The making of a reborn prototype
by Kym George Art Dolls


Dolls. Gallery

From Fantasy to Sexy  Comics by Loredana Salvo

Dolls. Master-Class

Lingerie Tutorial by Loredana Salvo


Dolls. Inspiration

The Many Moods of Children
by Mary Esther Ward (Cotton Wool Baby Studio​)


Dolls. Gallery

The Mythological Nerd from the Canary Islands

By Moises Espino


Dolls. Event

Odaca Luncheon 2017

Commemorating Donna Sims


Dolls. Featured Artist

Precious Collector Babes by Yolanda Rodríguez

Toys. Pattern

Lady Giraffe  by Olga Zhuravleva

Toys. Pattern

Two-headed dragon Jakiro (from the game DOTA-2) by Tatiana Brazhenkova

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