PrettyToys 6(44) 2017

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Dolls. Special project

The Traveling Santa. A Creative Collaborative Project by Linda Ehrenfried


Dolls. Featured Artist

A Doll Symposium by Michael Zaykov


Dolls. Details

«Fire Bird» by Rostislav Mironov


Dolls. Endless Imagination

Christmas in danger by Sergei Drozdov


Dolls. One of a kind Art Pieces

Wonderful Little Creatures by Alessandra Nicolin


Dolls. BJD Artist

A Loving Fairy Tale by Beverly Stoehr


Dolls. Featured Artist

Evgenia Oniskevich «The only and unique»


Dolls. My Royal Dolls

The Royals by Pedro Rodrigues


Dolls. Cute BJDs

TUTU Darlings by Tutu BJD


Dolls. Amazing talent

A Whole New World by Phyllis J. Morrow


Dolls. Cloth dolls

The Fairy Doll Mother by Paula McGee


Dolls. Master class

Fairyfly. Cloth Art Pin Doll ©Paula McGee

Paula’s Doll House


Bear. Poem

«Whyer». Artist Natalia Kovaleva. Poems by Irina Polischenkova


Bear. The Toy Artist

The Toy Artists by Tina Tita


Toys. Magic transformation

Making Pictures Come to Life by Olga Zhuravleva


Toys. Pattern

Hand Puppet «Dog» Artist Tatiana Brazhenkova

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