PrettyToys 4(42) 2017

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Dolls. Gallery
Ankie Daanen’s Wonderful Dolls

Dolls. Gallery
Lord Varys (Medieval Fun) by Sergei Drozdov

Dolls. Biography
Bringing dolls to life… by Oksana Sharova

Dolls. Biography
Elsie Rodriguez Wright Biography

Dolls. Featured Artist
Whimsy and Emotion in creativity by Linda Ehrenfried

Dolls. Amazing talent
From Ballet Shoes to Babies by Tatyana Burden

Dolls. Exhibition
Doll & Teddy Show 2017!

Bears. Gallery
Something Modern Something Vintage by Marina Blakytna

Bear. Poem
Artist. Artist Natalia Kovaleva. Poems by Irina Polischenkova

Bear. Interview
Too real to be toys… Works by Olga Zakrevskaya
Toys. Pattern
Toys. Pattern Gorynych (in Russian folklore a three-headed dragon). Artist Olga Zhuravleva

Toys. Master-Class
Puppy. Artist Tatiana Brazhenkova

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