PrettyToys 1(39) 2017

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Dolls.Artist Profile

Beverly Stoehr «A Life Time of Dolls»

Dolls. Gallery

Sergei DROZDOV «King Tirot» (Series “Medieval Entertainment”)

Dolls. Gallery

Laura Scattolini

Dolls. Amazing​ ​Perfection

Aleah Klay and her amazing miniatures

Dolls. Gallery

Rostislav Mironov «Galvanic Greaser-Mechanic (GGM)»

Bear. Poem

Natalia Kovaleva «Lavender Pastel Dress»

Poems by Irina Polischenkova

Bear. Travels

«There are no words to describe Madrid!»

Toys. Pattern

Olga Zhuravleva «Raccoon» end «Rooster»

Toys. Master-Class

“Black Bear Kofi” by Tatiana Brazhenkova
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