PrettyToys (29) 2015

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/featured artist/ «A Fascination and Love of Dolls» by Ping Lau

/details/ Art dolls by Rostislav Mironov

International Exhibition «Panna DOLL'ya»

/invited artist/  «Once Upon a Time» by Aude Berger

/artist profile/ «Devoted to Something I love» by Jennifer Costello

/doll artist/ «A Doll is Special for what  it sees in us» by Gayle Wray

/special guest/ Galina Dmitruk A Pioneer  of the Belarusian "New Wave"

/repanited dolls/  «Amazing  Repainted Dolls» by Ellen Harris

/beautiful art dolls/ Beautiful Art Dolls by Elisa Gallea

/beautiful reborns/ «Amazing Treasures Dolls»  by Deborah Bowe

/beautiful creations/ Beautiful  Creations  by Ankie Daanen

/gallery/ «Owls» by Svetlana Gumennikova

/bear artist/ «Olga Fomenko: «My Teddy World» by Aude Berger

/pattern/ «She-Giraffe» by Olga Zhuravleva

/artist profile/ «Amazing Worlds» by Ksenia Moroz

/master class/ «Marik the Dog» by Tatiana Brazhenkova

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