PrettyToys (28) 2015

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/amazing/ Yamaguchi Keiko: «The Cloth is your paint & the Needle is your brush», text by Hazeki Chieko

/gallery/ Anke Daanen`s OOAK Dolls

/details/ “Benthic infantryman Jeremiah Karpov”. Art dolls by Rostislav Mironov.

/сloth dolls/ «Boho and Provence Creations» by Nila Pavlova

/featured artist/ «Laura Scattolini’s  beautiful new  creations»

/new artist/ «A Piece of my Heart» by Julie Carpenter

/amazing dolls/ «The Exquisite Works of Elisa Gallea»

/details/ «A Programmers Time Off» by Elena Misiuna

/gallery/ «The Masterful Works of Diane Keeler»

/gallery/ Irina Shubina and Svetlana Gumennikova present their new project «Pretty Teddy»

/pattern/ «Pusheen  the Cat» by Olga Zhuravleva

/awesome talent/ «Creating Your Pets» by Natalya Ignatyeva

/master class/ «Lyubashik the Buggy» by Tatiana Brazhenkova

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