PrettyToys (27) 2015

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/amazing artist/ «Valuable and Necessary Companions»  by Deborah Bowe

/gallery/«And you thought my Prince would never come?» by Ankie Daanen

/artist profile/ «From Miniature to Masterful» by Beverley Senatore

/doll artist/ «A Flash of Art» by  Katerina Minakova

/biography/ «Never say Never» by Lisa Gregg

/details/ “Russian military divers” by Rostislav Mironov

/vintage-style/ «Beloved bears» by Jevgeni Bulahtin

/bear artist/ "A Teddy Bears Bite" by Anne-Marie Verron

/master-class/ «GoGorik Barash» by Tatiana Brazhenkova

/amazing miniatures/ “ Your dog can be Forever” by Lucy Francis Maloney

/master-class/ «Cow»  by Olga Zhuravleva

/gallery/ Angels by Noemi

/master-class/ Light Box by Noemi Smith

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