PrettyToys (30) 2015

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/special guest/ «The Fairy World of Tine Kamerbeek»  by Aude Berger Translation by: Krystyna Poray Goddu

/mini babies/ «From Ballet Shoes to Babies» by Tatyana Burden

/details/ «Ground grenadier Ignatiy Akulin» Art dolls by Rostislav Mironov.

/new doll/ «Adorable New Dolls» by Pat Moulton

/interview/ «Yesterday, Tomorow and the Future» Interview by Daria Davydova

/gallery/ «New Works by Figurative Artist Natalie Ruiz»

/artist profile/ «My World of Fantasy» by Natalia Konovalova

/doll artist/ «Summer School» by Lori Platt

/news/  Judy Porter goes “Out on a Whim” Teaching Whimsical Art Dolls

/amazing talent/ «Starting off with a BANG!!» by Judy Porter

/exhibition/ «Here Ye, Here Ye, Read all About It!!!»

/miniaturist/ «The Art of Practice and Play» by Cristina Flores

/doll artist/ «From Necessity to Creations» by Cherie Fretto

/writer and artist/ «A Fairy who Sprinkles Art» by  Mayra Garza

/gallery/  Ankie Daanen's «Wonderful Porcelain Dolls»

/master class/ «Let’s make whiskers in 5 minutes!» by Svetlana Gumennikova

/bear artist/ «Bears on a Cloud» by Nadège Limentour

/professional secrets/ «What shall we sew a bear from???» 

/pattern/ «Dachshund» by Olga Zhuravleva

/master class/ «How to Make your own  Mini Doll» by Cristina Flores

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