PrettyToys 4(23) 2014

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/contest/ Pretty Toys Magazine Contest

/doll artist/ «My Dolls, My Children» by Vilma Goriunoviene

/dolls in a house/ «Once upon a time in Odessa…» (Ukraine). The rubric is led by Tamara Pivniuk.

/exclusive publication/ «A Man's view…» by Sergey Drozdov

/amazing talent/ «The Magic  of Fairy Tales» by Roxanna Maria

/pretty details/ «Characters Dolls» by Patricia Le Baudrier

/gallery/ «Alexandrea» by Pat Moulton

/gallery/ New Creations by Mark Dennis

/gallery/  Amazing New Creations by Laura Scattolini

/gallery/ New and Exciting Works by Elisa Gallea

/interview/ «An Exclusive Interview with Natalie Ruiz»  Winner of the Helen Bullard Award of Excellence by Roxanna Maria

/details/ «Captain  Hook» by Rostislav Mironov

/master class/ «A Helping Hand» by Mark A. Dennis

/master class/ «Spring Awakening» by Lori Platt

/special guest/ «The Tree of Life» by Lori Platt

/featured artist/ «A Calmness to my World» by S. Joy Calhoon, Master Artist

/recognition/ Jack Johnston receives the highest award in the doll industry

/drawings/ «It’s Nice to be an Air Fish’s Friend» drawings by Inga Izmaylova

/artist profile/ The Silhouette Theater Created by Gerda Shaarman-Rijsdijk

/exclusive interview/ «The most difficult thing is to dare...» Exclusive interview with Galina Dmitruk

/gallery/ «Owls and pandas» by Marina Yamkovskaya

/details/ «Sheriff» by Irina Kunakh

/author pattern/ «Donkey Yashka (I-ashka)» by Tatiana Brazhenkova

/artist profile/ «MacLeod Dragons» by Ryan MacLeod

/patterns/ «DOG» by Olga Zhuravleva

/miniature artist/ «Subtle Stories and Chipped Walls» by Mara Verdugo
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