PrettyToys 3(22) 2014

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/dolls in a house/ 

«Made in Donetsk (Ukraine)»

/doll artist/ 

«Simplicity  and beauty. Rosa Linn´s creations» by NuxMiniaturas


«Pat Moulton´s  new dolls»


First International Art Doll Exhibition in Belarus “Panna Doll'Ya” «Three Days of Magic…»


«Captain J. Flint» by Rostislav Mironov

/exclusive interview/ 

«A Story to tell…» An exclusive interview  with Marlaine Verhelst

/master class/ 

«Getting a leg up» by Mark A. Dennis

/endless talent/ 

«Laura Scattolini´sendless talent!»

/doll artist/ 

«Larisa Medvedeva’s beautiful art dolls»

/artist profile/ 

«Walking through a dream world Jacky Mullen Enchanting Creatures» by NuxMiniaturas

/featured artist/ 

«In Irina’s workshop…»

/featured artist/ 

«Mark Dennis: New masterpieces»

/artist profile/   

«And Mist is the name…» by Anna Chepurnaya-Oleinik

/Exclusive Publication/ 

«The Delicate Hands of Lina MaCijauskiene» by NuxMiniaturas

/artist profile/   
«Fairies, Memaids and other nature spirits Rosa Grueso- Nenúfar Blanco» by NuxMiniaturas

/master class/ 

«Olympic Bear  Sochi-2014» by Tatiana Brazhenkova

/artist profile/ 

«Vocation...» by Marina Yamkovskaya


«The fantasy world  of Louise Peers» by NuxMiniaturas

/featured artist/ 

«As a professional artist you create what comes from within your own self» by Lisa Rosenbaum

/amazing perfection/ 
«A Story of One Bear» by Irina Kunakh


«Printed Cotton Cat» by Olga Zhuravleva

/master class/ 
«Dragonfly» by Fidelina Dolls with Heart

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