PrettyToys (24) 2014

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/beautiful dolls/  «My Passion, My Work, My Expression» by Ana Salvador

/artist profile/ «The Rose Garden Fairy & More» by Beverly Stoehr

/interview/ «Be curious, ask questions, and take risks» Exclusive interview with Tanya Marriot

/dolls in a house/ «House of Silence» (Almaty, Kazakhstan) The rubric is led by Tamara Pivniuk

/featured artist/ World Renown Artist Pat Moulton

/amazing dolls/ «Welcome to my Fairytale World!» by Natalia Kargapoltseva

/details/ «Captain Peter Blood» by Rostislav Mironov

/romantic dolls/ «Romantic Wonders» by Marina Athanasiadou

/amazing perfection/ Laura Scattolini’s new dolls

/special guest/ «My job, My devotion» by Elena Kirilenko


/new artist/ «My doll making journey» by Carmel Ooi

/porcelain dolls/ «OLD as NEW» by Branka Scharli
/bear artist/ «It is Love!!!» by Tereza Trukhanovich
/miniature buildings/ «The Perfection of Detail» by Hernaаn Buljevich

/miniatures / «A Dream…»  by Ali Alamedy

/needle felted dolls/ «Jewish Mother» by Valeri Haishun

/exquisite miniature world/  «Delicateness» by Pedrete Trigos

/patterns/ «Cat with Sausages» by Olga Zhuravleva

/interview/  «Making people happier...» by Irina Ivanitskaya

/master class/ «Polymer Clay  «Sheep» by Irina Ivanitskaya

/drawings/ Drawings by Inga Izmaylova

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