PrettyToys (21) 2014

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Read in this issue:
«The Magical Beauty of Melancholy, Sorrow 
and Sadness» by Anastasia Zhuravleva

Ankie Daanen´s New Dolls

Introducing  Pat Moultons New BJD's!

Mark Dennis

The Beautiful new creations of Laura Scattolini

/dolls in a house/ 
«Morning in Tutengy (France)»

/mini doll artist/ 
«Babies Are Tiny Miracles» by Sue Williams

/featured artist/ 
«Capturing  a Newborn´s  Tenderness» 
by Sherri Williams

/doll artist/ 
«A journey to the Art  of making Babies» 
by  Sheila Mrofka

/special guest/
«I make my  own friends» by Paula Nerhus
Oscar in the  World  of Dolls

/dolls with heart/ 
«“Fidelina”  Dolls with Heart» by Nux Miniaturas

/exclusive interview/ 
«Big secret for a  small  company…»

«Long  John Silver» by Rostislav Mironov

/master class/ 
«The Male  Torso» by Mark A. Dennis

«The Beginning…  Retro Lady Tutorial» 
by Kristiina Meiner

/doll artist/ 
«Let's Meet  Annie!» by Judy Porter

/unusual project/ 
«Magic Doll… A Fairytale  coming true, a chance 
to show oneself…» 

/new artist/ 
«Toys to Warm the Heart» by Olga & Ivan Budaevy

/new artist/ 
«My favorite work so far!» by Olesya Morozova

«Making a Difference in the World of Bears» 
by Marianne Loyd

«Lilo Bear» by Irina Kunakh
/amazing perfection/ 
«Fluffy story» by Irina Kunakh

/new project/ 
«Squirrel Lisa in costumes of the world» by Nadezhda Shabanova

«A Rabbit in Love» by Olga Zhuravleva

/master class/ 
«Squirrel» by Tatiana Brazhenkova
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