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Featured Artist. Hildegard Günzel  in the Exclusive publication  by Mayra Garza: Her work started the renaissance of doll making  all over the world.

Gallery. Beatrice Perini: From Venice with love.

Special guest. Beverly Stoehr: I have been very blessed  to do what I love most,  creating dolls.

Biography. Master Figurative  Artist Diane Keeler.

Amazing Perfection. Linda Macario Dolls.

Doll Artist. Susie McMahon: Doll-making has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

Wordless. Ankie Daanen New 2013 dolls.

Gallery. Laura Scattolini New 2013 one of a kind dolls.

Artist Profile. Renata Jansen: I work, trying to imitate nature.

New artist. Lisa Hamilton Art Original Hand-sculpted Art Dolls by Suzanne Hugunin.



Exquisite creations. The Enchanted world  of Aleah Klay.

Master Class. Svetlana Gumennikova: Sculpting a Bear´s nose.

New project. Marina A. Yax: The Challenge  of making Teddy Bears.



Miniatures. Miniature work of art by Eleonora Ansano.

Master Class. Tatiana Brazhenkova: Rainbow  Brooch - Hand of felt.

Artist Profile. Olga Zhuravleva: My Genre  of Positivism.

Pretty Details. Melanie Miller:  My first love  is my tiny treasures.


Authors and personalities: Aleah Klay, Ankie Daanen, Beatrice Perini, Beverly Stoehr, Diane Keeler, Eleonora Ansano, Hildegard Gunzel, Laura Scattolini, Linda Macario, Lisa Hamilton, Marina_A.Yax, Melanie Miller, Olga Zhuravleva, Tatiana Brazhenkova, Renate Jensen, Svetlana Gumennikova.

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