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The first issue of 2013.
Popular artist. Beatrice Perini, an outstanding artist.
Exclusive publication. Gerd Shaarman Ridzhsdik. I am a doll artist.
Amazing perfection. Nancy Lee Moran - Artist art.
Exclusive interview. Camille Allen.
 Master Class. Cap dolls from Kelly Beckett.
Art Profile. Simon Katapano. Children's hobby that became a profession.
Exquisite creations. A new wave of Russian art in the works of Katherine and Elena Popova.
Biography. Pat Moulton. Spiritualization pioneer.
 Master Class. Rag dolls steampunk Anke Daan.
Gallery. Italian world. Laura Skattolini dolls.
Trivia. "Multilateral Fritz" Rostislav Mironov.
Doll artist. Dolls Lena Oplakanskoy.
Special guest. Dolls in a single copy of Eliza Galea.
Amazing perfection. Jenny Johnson. Three O `Clock Bears.
Art Profile. Helen Pain. We all come from childhood.
 Master Class. Oksana Sklyarenko. Mishutka like a doll ...
Artist bears. Elina Oplakanskoy bears.
 Pattern. Olga Zhuravleva. Fisher cat.
 Master Class. Dwarf poodle Fifi of m / f "Open Season" Tatiana Brazhenkovoy.
 Master Class. Hope Shabanova. The story of one angel.
Calendar of events.
Publications Pretty Toys.
 Trivia. A sign on the door, "There is a creative process. Do not enter!"
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