PrettyToys 3(15) 2013

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Amazing dolls. “Hawaiian Potpourri”  by  Bo Bergemann.

Amazing Artist. «The Realm  of Eternity  and Everlasting  Happiness» by Carla Gonclaves, photographer: Rui F. Goncalves.

Awesome Talent. Denise Bledsoe’s Figurative Art.

Exclusive Interview. An Interview with a Master Forest Rogers “Living Presence”.

New artist. “From Ballet Shoes to Babies” by Tatyana Burden.

Artist Profile. Mando Bell Art dolls by Artist Patricia Reine Elame.

Doll Artist. «It’s the Icing  on the Cake» by Marina Yax  .

Special guest. Marita Winters, Artistry from Childhood to the present.

Gallery. New dolls by  Laura Scattolini.

Gallery. New Dolls by Ankie Daanen.

Biography. “The Cannibal Ponny” by Mariana Alejandra Sanchez.

Exquisite creations. “Mysticism and sensuality Muppet soul” by Olga & Nikolay (Shirr Stone Shelter Dolls).

Details. “Ghazi Emmedzhi Effendi” by Rostislav Mironov.


Interview. Larisa Kovaleva Interview by Tatiana Brazhenkova. Plus patterns.

Bear Artist. The Wonderful Quirky Creations of Rachel Rolfe.

Wordless. “My Sweet Bears” by Elina Oplakanska.


Master Class. “The Chubby  Hedgehog” by Tatiana Brazhenkova. Plus patterns.

Novelty. Skull Dollies by Joanna Marsh.

Master Class. “Crazy Crow” by Nadezhda Shabanova. Plus patterns.

Patterns. “A Giraffe and a Hippo” by Olga Zhuravleva. Plus patterns.

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