Partnership Program

We invite you to participate in our Partnership program. You can attract advertisers and subscribers and constantly get your 10%. The user gets to our site by a special link that contains your personal identifier which navigated to the site. Thus, that partner receives a fee for the client, on whose link or banner the client came in last.

Whom will this Partnership Program suit?

You know pretty well the activity sphere of our magazine. Everyone can ger interested in our patterns, master-classes and toys, so this Partnership Program will do perfectly almost for all the sites and blogs. But even if you don’t have a site or a blog, you still can participate in our Program by spreading your parntership links at forums, social networks and societies.

What can you advertise?

1. Attract advertisers.

2. We invite the sneedlework internet-shops and portals, real shops with an appropriate range of goods, ateliers, beauty centers, courses of design and handicraft, producersto to place their advertisements in the magazine and on the Internet site. In other words, we invite everyone who has something to do with the world of hand-craft and our readers. If the promoter invited by you places his or her ad on our recourses, you get your 10% of the agreement sum


4. Paid subscription and extended version of the magazine. PrettуToys project has paid issues of the magazine and subscribtion. Invite new subscribers and get 10% from each issue sold!


6. Participate in the 2-levelled Partnership Program. Attract new partners and get your 5% from their profit!

In order to take part in our Partnership Program you should register and agree to the terms and conditions of the Partner Program in your personal Room / Account.

Start earning money with PrettyToys right now! Good luck!

Our magazine also invites advertising agencies and all the interested parties to participate in the partnership program to attract advertisers. Well, in general… we are open to new dialogues and ready to discuss any offers, we will provide you with all the necessary help. If you have questions about cooperation write to or simply fill in the form on the side field.

Attention! Pretty Toys reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Partnership Program unilaterally.